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To get the most out of your unique experience, know the rules that all participants must follow. We also recommend to all our FAQs section.

MADLAND GRAVEL CAMINO DE UCLÉS is a non-competitive cycling activity, organized by Forevent Servicios ORGANIZATIVOS, with the collaboration of KBIKE and the sponsorship of SPECIALIZED, on Saturday October 15, 2022 at 7:30 am, starting in the town of Morata de Tajuña (Madrid), and aiming to reach the Monastery of Uclés, as the destination point of the pilgrimage.

The suggested format is of a NON COMPETITIVE nature. It is not a race, nor a walk. It is a personal challenge where each participant is required to respect at all times the Road Safety Law and the General Traffic Regulations in force in Spain, as well as any other regulations in force along the route provided by the Organization and at no time has special priority over other users of the roads along the established itinerary.
Details about road safety can be found in Article 7 of these Regulations.

There is a timing system in certain identified and pre-established sections, where those participants who are more familiar with the competition will be able to measure their strength against each other and against the time.
There will be a ranking per section and a general ranking resulting from the sum of all the timed sections.

There are cut-off times and schedules. These cut-off times, placed at the technical and refreshment points by the Organization, will be more than enough so that all participants, regardless of their level, can enjoy the race with the minimum physical condition necessary to face these distances.
The cut-off times must be respected by the participants for safety reasons.In case of failure to comply with this schedule, the participant may either continue by his own means without the support or responsibility of the Organizer, or may choose the shortest or easiest route to return to his starting point. The cut-off times will be published in the Graveler's Guide published and announced on the official website and RR.SS.

In the case of abandonment due to a breakdown that makes it impossible for the participant, the Organization cannot be held responsible for the pick-up of the participant. It makes available as far as possible a return to the start through the staff of each of the checkpoints once the passage of all cyclists has been completed.

There will be a SIGNALING of the route at certain points, recommending the use of GPS tracking of a Track delivered by the Organization. It will be mandatory to follow the itinerary marked by the track. The official and definitive Track will be sent to each participant in the weeks prior to the date of the event.

Type of BICYCLE: This event has been designed for Gravel type bicycles. However, the use of any type of bicycle capable of off-road riding is permitted.

The presence of e-bike versions, in principle is not contemplated in this regulation. If there is a demand for the participation of e-bikes, the Organization will evaluate and manage their presence.

There are 3 options or modalities of route:



COUPLES: 1 component does the Outward journey and the other component of the couple does the Return journey.

The types of terrain along the route are varied, alternating between regional roads with asphalt and dirt mountain roads. The use of off road tires of between 37 mm and 42 mm minimum is recommended. The perfect condition of the bike is mandatory to safely face the entire route

In case of abandonment, it will be mandatory to communicate it as soon as possible to the Organization's staff, either at one of the control points or through the telephone number provided by the Organization. The Organization will have several points for emergency technical support, which will be located at the two main refreshment posts.

The race is open to all athletes over 18 years of age on the day of the race. By registering, the participant knows and accepts without reservation the present Rules and Regulations. The registered participants confirm that they are fully informed of the format and characteristics of the event and are aware of the length, difficulty and physical demands of the race. They confirm that they have the necessary knowledge, experience, material and physical and psychological level to face and overcome possible problems related to the demands of a long distance race.

The participation, as a whole of participants, is limited to a number that will be determined and exposed at the moment of the opening of the inscriptions. For safety reasons and due to the natural environment in which the race takes place, the number of participants is limited to 250 places

4.1 Registration.

The registration period will open on June 30, 2022, and will end on October 7, 2022 or when the maximum number of participants is reached. Registration can be made through the official website of the site ( or through alternative channels to be determined. The registration date will be published on the website and social media. Registrations are personal and non-transferable. In no case and under no circumstances may changes or transfers of registrations be made.

The total list of the rights obtained with the registration is: gifts from sponsors, commemorative t-shirt of the event, various services, official track, intermediate and final refreshments, accident and RC insurance, etc., will be published on the web and social media.

To formalize registration, on the day of collection of the runner's bag, participants must present their ID card, passport or equivalent document for foreign participants.

4.2 Cancellations.

Participants may cancel their registration until the deadline of September 30, 2022. The penalty for cancellation is 50% of the amount paid, without the right to receive the runner's bag. This amount will be refunded to the same card with which the payment was made and this process can take between 5 and 30 days.

After the deadline described above, NO CANCELLATION WILL BE ADMITTED. The participant who requests the cancellation of the race will not be entitled to receive any amount as a refund of the registration fee. However, he/she will have the right to withdraw or request the delivery of his/her runner's bag upon payment of the shipping costs.

In the case of SUSPENSION of the race on the determined date, due to administrative or any other causes that make this decision necessary, the Organization will establish a new date within the year 2022 as soon as possible. Those registered may choose to participate in the new date or request the transfer of the same to the 2023 edition. In neither of these two cases will a refund be made.

Compulsory material:

  • Dorsal-Chip delivered by the Organization
  • Rigid and homologated helmet
  • Phone
  • Front and rear light
  • Waterproof rain jacket.
  • Basic kit of tools and spare parts.

Identification elements and obligatory safety material may be checked by members of the Organization at the Start and Finish and randomly during the route.

6.1 Control points.

Throughout the course there will be different checkpoints where it will be obligatory to pass.

6.2 Refreshment stations.

There will be 4 official refreshment posts along the entire route, equipped with water supply, isotonic drinks and some food to help and complete the race

All participants must carefully observe the provisions of the Road Safety Law and its Regulations. The route runs almost entirely on tracks and roads, but at some points we will cross or use roads open to vehicular traffic, where we must exercise extreme caution and strictly comply with traffic regulations.

All persons registered in the race will be covered during their participation, within the established route and schedules, at least by an Accident Insurance according to the R.D 849/1993 of June 4, which establishes the minimum capital for accidents of athletes, with the guarantee of Health Care. The Organization will also have its own Civil Liability Insurance.

The Organization is not responsible for any accident caused or suffered by the participant due to a reckless or irresponsible action on his/her part, nor is it responsible for any expenses or debts that participants may incur during the event, nor for any loss or damage that may occur to bicycles or other equipment belonging to the participants. The participant exempts the Organization from liability for loss or damage of personal belongings for any reason whatsoever.


The participant knows that it is required a previous adequate training and not suffer any injury that may be aggravated as a result of the realization of the test, so the pre-registration implies the express recognition by the person who performs it to meet both conditions, exempting the Organization of any liability for failure to comply with all of the above. In any case, each participant in the race assumes the consequences on their health that may arise from their participation in the race, exempting the Organization from any liability that may arise for this reason. Likewise, he/she is responsible for the state of his/her physical condition, for knowing the route and the physical demands it entails, for the medical verification of his/her health, for the damages that could be caused by his/her participation, assuming personally the inherent risk for the health that the physical effort required for the participation supposes

One of the objectives and desires of MADLAND is to show the richness in terms of landscape and nature that has the Camino de Uclés. One of our objectives is to demonstrate that its enjoyment can be compatible with active tourism activities.

The route runs mostly through natural landscapes of exceptional beauty, so it will be everyone's obligation to preserve the environment and it is strictly forbidden to throw waste outside the control areas. In order to contribute to a minimum environmental impact of the race, participants will use the containers located at the refreshment posts and strategic points to throw away packaging, wrappers or leftover food.

The acceptance of these regulations implies that the participant authorizes the Organization of the event, the total or partial recording of his participation in the event, and gives his consent to use his image in the promotion and dissemination of the race, in all possible ways (radio, press, video, photo, internet, posters, media and social networks) and assigns all rights relating to commercial and advertising exploitation that the Organization deems appropriate to execute, without the right on his part to receive any financial compensation.

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, all participant data collected in the registration form will be included in a private file of the Organization of the race, for the exclusive purpose of management and commercial character for the collaborating brands. All interested parties may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data by email to:

The mere fact of registering in this event implies the acceptance of these regulations and the waiver of all rights against the Organization, waiving any legal action that may arise from their participation in the event.

The Organization reserves the right to make the appropriate modifications, when for any reason it deems necessary, communicating such changes in the usual means of dissemination of the event. Likewise, it reserves the right of admission.



Official Refreshment

Official Transport



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